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"Saeryn... Saeryn, wake up."

It was still early and she'd been awake late sitting with Linduial. Degas sat next to her slightly curled form, on top of the blankets she clutched at with tired disorientation.

"'Gas," she mumbled into her pillow. "Go 'way."

He tucked her hair gently out of her face. "Saer, wake up. I'm back and I need you."

She woke up now, opening her eyes and coming to the realization that Degas was sitting next to her. She could feel the warmth of him coming through the blankets. She pushed him off of her bed gently and bade him to turn away as she changed. She spoke as she did so.

"She's been back for a bit... not too long. She's all right. How did your trip go?"

She noted that his skin was darker and his red hair looked a little bit more burnt golden. He looked slightly impatient when she finally let him turn. She had changed quickly, donning the gown she had laid out the night before for the day's events.

"Degas, what is the look in your eyes?"

"Relief, Saer... you've no idea. I had news on my way into the city, but hearing it from you is more... more real, I guess." She nodded, understanding. He continued now, his real agenda clearer. "Saeryn, you need to play hostess. Her brother Farahil came back with me. He's waiting in the Hall to be attended to. He doesn't speak much, but I'm fairly certain it may be more that he loathes me for letting his sister get taken than anything else. He might speak more to you, but either way, he'll need to be given a room for as long as he stays and Eodwine needs to know that he is here."

She nodded, curious about Lin's older brother. Linduial had told her stories of this younger one... the sailor that taught her archery and fletching. Saeryn had wanted very much to meet both brothers and Lin had promised that they would travel together to Dol Amroth one day, but she had not realized she would meet one so soon. She excused herself from Degas and went to the newly roofed hall to greet this newest guest. She sent Degas to Eodwine's room.

He knocked on the door as she went down the hall, calling softly so not to wake any still sleeping.

"My lord, it is Degas. May I enter?"
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