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"You awake yet, Lys?"

The young boys eyes slowly began to open, seeing the hazy form of Thornden balancing a tray in his hands. "I've brought breakfast again. A little early today, I know, I know, but I've got work to do today, I imagine." He set the tray down, and moved a chair closer to the boys bed. Lys slowly began to rouse, trying to sit himself up in bed. Thornden looked down at the tight bandage over Lys' arm.

"How's the arm today, lad?" Lys smiled and rolled his shoulder a little. "I don't feel much discomfort. I am doing much better." Lys leaned over to smell the warm breakfast Frodides had prepared, and his stomach gave a happy grumble. Both he and Thornden chuckled at the sound.

"I won't keep you longer from your meal, young man!" he said, and pushed the tray in between himself and Lys. As they ate, Lys looked up at him and noticed his brow furrowed. He looked to be mulling over a small thought.

"Today is an important day, is it not Thornden?". Lys remebered Thornden telling him of the events of the past few weeks. Today was the day of Lord Eodwine's first Court. Many would come to settle their greivances. Not the least of them was one who had come to stay at the Mead Hall, a Dunlending. Lys did not seem to grasp the importance of his birthplace, but Thornden often stated with empathy that it did not do well for him. Lys was glad that Thornden thought so kindly on all people.

"Aye, I remember telling you about this day. It will be eventful, no doubt. I do not know my place in it. But I wonder..." Lys picked up his tone, and put down his piece of bread. "Wonder on what...?"

Thornden smiled, and waved off the boy's worried expression. "Don't worry, Lys!" he said with a smile. "It won't do any good speculating. I've been here thirty days, you see, and it is the time for Eodwine to decide if I shall keep the job of Steward."

Lys smiled. Then it was a good day! Thornden was certainly worthy of the charge. Nothing in Lys' mind could make Eodwine think otherwise. He set back to his warm fist of bread, before asking Thornden yet another question.

"Thornden, could I come to see you today? My foot is feeling much better..." While Lys was more than grateful for the care he received, he had been in this small room for almost three weeks, and he longed for a change of scenery. Thornden looked on him gently as he scooped up the last of his sausage with bread.

"I do not wish you to strain yourself, Lys. Hrethel said more than three weeks rest up in bed. I know you want to see the outside world, but it will not run away while you're abed!" Lys frowned a little, but nodded, as he knew Thornden was right.

Thornden saw his disappointment and sighed a little as he sat back in his chair. He studied Lys carefully from head to foot, or what he could see of him. He certainly couldn't walk, but surely it wouldn't do any harm if he were carried out. And perhaps he could sit atop a horse. But it would be going directly against doctor's orders. . .

"I suppose," Thornden said slowly, looking back at Lys' expectant face, "I suppose we can take you for a small outing for dinner this evening. I know all the residents are looking forward to seeing this mystery boy I've had hidden away all these weeks!"

"Thank you so much, Thornden! " Lys grinned. Thornden winked at the rise in Lys' expression, and put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I think you're getting better, Lys. You'll be alright in a little while longer. Now," he went on, standing up and collecting the empty tray to return to Fordides, "you make sure to rest well today. I'll come around when I can, and in the evening, I'll come early to help you get ready for dinner."

With that, Thornden left with a smile, and Lys looked out the small window and grinned. He could not rest, when such a wonderful time awaited him this evening.

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