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Pleased to have received a positive response to her idea from Eodwine, Kara headed back to the kitchen. People were already popping in and out. The day was shaping up to be a busy one and everybody had their own things to do before Court began, including Kara. She had almost forgotten that she was here only on a trial basis what with everything that had happened since she arrived, and she sincerely hoped Eodwine would keep her on.

But enough of that for now, she told herself, shaking her head to clear it. Whether she was cook or not after this session of Court she still had lunch to prepare. No point in letting people starve now. Realising she was beginning to think like Frodides spoke she smiled, and then remembered that her mentor was to decide her fate today as well. Before her accident Frodides had intended to leave once Kara had proven herself a worthy cook. In the past couple of weeks though, the woman had been speaking of what she would do once she was up and about again properly, and it had all centred around the Hall. Kara hoped this meant she had changed her mind about leaving, but dared not ask for fear it might sway Frodides to stay when she didn't truly wish to.

Having finished getting lunch ready so that it simply needed to be taken out to the tables Kara changed her apron for a clean one and turned to Frodides, who hopped off her stool, able to walk with nothing to aid her now, though she still retained a slight limp.

"Come on then girl, we're to find out how we'll be living our lives after today, and we can't know until we get there."

They reached the Hall a few minutes later and took their places, Frodides muttering quietly that they had set off too early as not everyone was here yet. Kara didn't share her sentiments. She'd never really been involved in anything like this before, and was keen to observe as much of it as she could.
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