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Ruari and Saeryn

“Get mother, Ruari.”

Ruari hung back a moment, frozen in fear as she stared at Eodwine, but almost at once, her legs remembered how to move and she ran off.

She burst through the kitchen door. “Mama!” she cried, breathlessly.

Saeryn turned from the table where she had been working. Her heartbeat quickened when she saw the distress on her daughter’s face. “What is the matter, Ruari?” she asked, bending down.

Ruari rushed to her, clinging to her arms, and beginning to cry in her alarm. “Papa fell! He tried to get up to come to eat, and he fell and can’t get up, and he sent me for you, and he’s just-”

Saeryn gently, though hastily, disengaged Ruari’s hands and silently put her to the side. Without another word, she hurried from the kitchen. She ran to the door of their room and went immediately to Eodwine’s side, grasping his arm and helping him sit up with his back to the bed.

“What have you done to yourself?” she asked, her voice trembling. “What’s the matter?”

From the bed behind them, she heard Eoghan stir and begin to whimper quietly, calling her, but she did not turn from her husband.
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