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G: Note added to a slapdash dish results in conflagration.
LEMBAS: Disturbingly, blames the rations.
A: Mythical king said and heard to eat in lost kingdom.
URWEN: We hear hesitation and time asked for a doomed maiden.
RADAGAST: German wheel sounds appalled by this chap.
UNDOMIEL: Ruin the French honey for an epesse.
NIPHREDIL: Pinch around a town in Surrey, but lose liquid to grace a nightingale's birth.
GALION: A poetically spectral warship sounds in his nomenclature.

I've always thought the name Glaurung the most cruel and vicious sounding of all Tolkien's villains. (Although not in reality the most evil).

Perhaps because it uses the same vowel sounds/diphthong as "devour."
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