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First round of Q-staff fight announced

"Now I would like to ask for our dear Kara to pick up two pebbles from this hat I have here to find out which are the the two first games today!" Wilcred said and people started cheering and calling her name enthusiastically.

When she finally came forwards Wilcred withheld the hat for a second eyeing the people around. "Now this will be a fight between pairs for otherwise we would still be fighting when the night falls and we have other games to come. And because we have six pairs, two of them will get a free ride to the second round." There were some scattered mumbles and grumbles but most people seemed to think it a good, or at least a tolerable idea.

"Now I have decided that Lord Eodwine and Thornden as the two highest ranking officials of this Mead Hall will get straight to the second round, as well as our veteran soldiers Balvir and Lithor. You know we older men don't have the feet of you younger ones any more and we grow tired after a lot of action... so it's only fair as these men have fought more than you younger ones combined anyway." People smiled and some cheered, seemingly accepting the decision.

Suddenly Wilcred met the eyes of Crabannan and felt a need to add: "Except Crabannan here, but he's no youngster either. Sorry mate, but you'll have to show your stamina here." With that he winked him an eye and turned back to face Kara.

"Okay my dear, pick two pebbles and give them to me one at the time." Kara did what was asked of her.

"So our first match is one between... Aethelstan and Osmund! ... And that is against..." He took the second pebble from Kara. "Against Dan and Crabannan!" The crowd cheered with anticipation. The two young soldiers against the two newcomers. This would indeed be a match worth seeing.

"And the second match will be that between..." Wilcred nodded to Kara to give him the remaining pebbles just for formality. And he indeed looked at the pebbles Kara placed into his palm before announcing the second match. "Garstan and Stigend against Harreld and Erbrand! The craftsmen fight!!!" The crowd cheered even more than the last time. It would be very interesting indeed to see how those respected craftsmen would do in a fight which wasn't exactly their homeground.

Little did Wilcred or most of the others know about what had just happened between Erbrand and Harreld. But the two looked at each other studying the other's expression closely. This would not be the easiest of companies.
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