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“That is what I wished in the first place, but if you will not seek me out in the games I will seek you out and force you to fight against me!”

Erbrand’s temper had cooled since his outburst against Thornden’s first scolding, and with the coming of Harreld his temper lessened. Nevertheless, he was agitated by the smith’s prying about his private quarrel with Harreld.

“As for you master blacksmith,” Erbrand said, “I did not know that this matter concerned you.”

“This matter concerns my friend, you best be getting ready now.”

The smith was stern in his speech, and it wounded Erbrand again being told what to do.
For two long years Erbrand had been pitied or rejected for his solitude. This was not what he wanted and his temper had become hotter and his attitude colder towards his prying neighbors of Aldburg, Harreld sounded just like them and it brought those unpleasant memories. His fists were clenched as if ready to strike and resist the familiar words of rebuke. Erbrand was tired of being shoved around, but he still had the wits to see that he could only make matters worse by staying, so with a slight nod he left both of them.
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