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He had meant to say "we had best be getting ready now", but somehow the words had come out other than what he intended, and before Harreld's eyes Erbrand became visibly angrier. This would not do. He was angry with Erbrand, but he did not dislike the fellow. Nor did he like Erbrand's threats and bullying against Thornden. Nevertheless, the two of them were to be partners in the quarterstaff fights.

"I meant we had best be getting ready," Harreld corrected. "What is your skill? Mine is not great, being a smith and not a warrior by trade."

Erbrand still seemed ill-disposed to him. Harreld sighed.

"Friend, though we have a quarrel, we must stand side by side in this game. Let us set aside our differences while we are made allies. What say you?"
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