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There was a silence after Harreld had tried to be friendly towards him. Erbrand was still quite riled over the smith's intrusion on Thornden's behalf and was content to let the smith's words pass unanswered. However, what Harreld said next did make sense, it would be wise for them to act as a team, if only for the purpose of reaching Thornden in the games. Yes, this would be the best plan, all of his strength and determination would be set on reaching Thornden in the fight. Although, now that his temper was subsiding the reason for fighting Thornden was less about avenging his wounded honor and more about making sure that Thornden knew that he would not give up Kara without a fight. Besides, it was not with Harreld that Erbrand's quarrel was with.

"I am proud to call you my friend, Harreld, but I would be a poor friend indeed if I let this quarrel come between us. It is not with you that I am mad, and I am sorry for anything I might have said to insult you." Harreld offered a faint smile and was about to say something, but Erbrand cut him off wishing to offer all his thoughts on the fight. It would not be easy to reach Thornden, especially after what he saw Crabannan do.

"As to your question, I am afraid that I have not had much use for the quarter staff in a fight. Though the concept of it shouldn't be that hard to grasp," he picked up his own staff and swung it around, trying to determine its balance. "But I'm sure that our superior strength will even the odds a bit. However, the agile fighters here might be something of a problem for us. I think it best if I took on the more nimbler of our opponents while you take on the stouter fighter. You outmatch any of us here in strength and I am not half bad at evading blows and am also a very strong. What do you say to this, Harreld?"

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