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“Too bad!” Saeryn said with a sigh as she sat down by Rowenna. “We were about to have such a nice talk about matching people up!” She laughed merrily. “Rowenna, what do you think? Lord Eodwine has just expressed his thought that Thornden and Ginna would have made a good match. But Harreld got her first.” She laughed again, and then subdued it, and gnawed on the inside of her lip. “Poor Thornden!” she murmured quietly.

“I wonder,” she began, and then stopped. Her thoughts darted quickly about. She did not play match-maker very often - indeed she did not think of such things usually. But today seemed quite different than other days. With a pronounced toss of her head, she looked at Rowenna. Rowenna returned the look, but neither the girls said anything.

Would she do for Thornden, Saeryn wondered? No, surely. But why not? Why couldn’t she? No, no absolutely not. Their characters would not be compatible. They were both too solemn for one another!

“What is it?” Rowenna asked, for Saeryn was still looking at her.

“Nothing. . .I was just wondering. . .Are you leaving with my brother tomorrow?”
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