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"Maybe the Lady Degas is marrying will be willing to make of me a handmaiden while my father's land fetches me a reasonable dowry, kept safe by Degas' lordship. At least, that is what I hope for."

Saeryn nodded and turned away. She felt sad, although she knew that Rowenna spoke after careful thought.

“I wish,” she began, venturing to express her feelings and unsure if it would be quite proper. Rowenna was already struggling with the decision, and if it was right for her to leave, should Saeryn press her otherwise? “I wish you would stay,” she finished. “I’ve always liked you, until our quarrel today, and now that that is behind us and there is nothing more to fight about, it seems that there is nothing in the way between the two of us becoming close friends - best of friends, very soon, no doubt.”

Rowenna did not respond immediately. Saeryn looked at her, and pitied her. She was clearly torn with doubt, unsure of what to do, wishing to go and went wanting so much to stay.

“Rowenna!” Saeryn said, brightening suddenly and sitting up straight in her chair. Rowenna looked up. “Why should you not stay here? Degas will still be lord over your land, won’t he? You said that you could remain in his household as a handmaiden - well, why not stay here with lord Eodwine and I? I can not doubt that our houses are soon to be joined together. I know not how exactly, upon what terms- I’m sure that is why Degas and Eodwine went away and talked this afternoon - but we will be very close and the lords of Scarburg and the Folde will be friends. Why shouldn’t it be that you should stay here as my companion?”

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