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Originally Posted by ElanorGamgee View Post
After reading the new theme on Saruman, I have a question concerning the following passage of The Return of the King, "The Scouring of the Shire:"

So, did Wormtongue really eat Lotho? Although the passage is chilling, I always assumed that Saruman's comment about Wormtongue being hungry lately was only a sick joke, probably out of jealousy at the hobbit's pity on the man, and when Worm says "You told me to; you made me do it," "it" is referring to the actual stabbing. What does everyone think? Was Wormtongue capable of such an act?

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That seems to be the most natural interpretation.

Forgiving someone, treats them as a member of the human race.
Saruman has fallen so low, that, not content with refusing forgiveness for himself, he tries to deny it to Wormtongue as well. He is acting in the spirit of Sauron, even though Sauron is now powerless.
That may be why the description of the passing of Saruman is like that of the passing of Sauron.
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