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Draco's Duel

"...Those Who Must Not Be Named." Bellatrix had intoned in a voice of awe. Her pseudo-nephew raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"What? You mean...the Ithryn Luin?"

Bellatrix's handsome, hooded eyes flashed. "Silence, child!"

"The Jadis routine doesn't work on me, Auntie," Dracomir pointed out. "Now what were we talking about?"

"Boy..." Bellatrix whispered in a feminine sort of growl, her wand bared.

"Morinehtar..." Dracomir suggested,

"Crucio! Blasted worm, only Mudbloods duck! Face me like a Malfoy!"

"...and Romestamo..."

"Their names must not be uttered!"

"What, you mean Alatar and Pallando?"

Tom let out this barb before sidestepping to the left. Slightly to the right of where he had stood, the corridor, struck by a red bolt from Bellatrix's wand, imploded.

"What are you doing, Draco? Anyone could hear you! Or, more to the point, this being a secondary reality and all, read you! Stop blurting out secrets!"

"I'm quitting while I'm ahead," Dracomir replied. "Say Sayonara to your Blue friends from me. I'm well out of their racket. Oh and...Tarantallegra."

The Lord Malfoidacil's hex struck Bellatrix on her pale brow. Helpless in the magic's temporary power, she began to tango with an imaginary dance partner. Tom blew her a kiss and ran for it. She wouldn't break free for a while, but when she did he had no wish to face her...or the wrath of the paymasters he had just turned his back on.

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