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Used by now to Skittles and her madness Igor thought it best to answer Anakron's earlier question and let Skittles and her cat come to an agreement before they spoke with her again. In any case, whatever Skittles' current state of mind, Anakron was the one talking softly while carrying a big stick, and a stick that could do some very nasty things to you at that.

"I didn't mean to ignore you." He said, hoping his still rolling eye wouldn't be taken as sarcasm. "I was just in a bad mood and wasn't looking where I was going. It wasn't until that knock on the head that I even realised anything was there."

The Grand Anakronist was watching the interplay between Hissyfit and Sylvestor with interest, and Igor wasn't sure if he'd heard him so he continued.

"I was wondering when we were going to find out what was going on after all those noises last night. Alli did pop in for a second to say she'd explain but then she disappeared again before she could."

"What noises?" Anakron asked suddenly, turning to Igor with a confused look.

"What noises? The noises that kept us all up half the night. There were screams and howls and now it seems that everyone thinks it was werewolves."

"Wereducks." Came a voice.

"Sorry, or possibly wereducks." Igor added. "I don't suppose you know anything about all this?"
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