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"I know... I know!" Alli cried in complete upset. "But where?"

She began to look around frantically, her always calm, always cool, always totally-hot-and-can-she-be-real-the-way-she-always-seems-in-control? attitude breaking a little. She realized that she was speaking loudly and rolled her eyes at herself, flicking her long, sleek black hair over a well-postured shoulder.

"Sorry." she added, not actually sorry. "Lost myself for a moment there."

She had long considered taking up smoking. Not for any particularly grand reason, but it always seemed like the truly intimidating people in movies and shows had a cigarette. No, she didn't want the average brand of nauseating smell and illness... but she always thought it might be a little bit cool to try out the image cast by her always carrying an unlit clove ciggie in her black gaunletted right hand. She looked down her arm, following the black leather until it met white silk until the silk was pressed to her skin by well-worked black leather wrist guards. Her slender fingers moved freely (she wiggled them absently to prove it). No... she didn't need a decoration. The world had to give her credit... she simply did not need spiced smoke to look cool.

She leaned against a wall, lifting her left foot behind her to lay flat against it. Always the epitome of serious nonchalance. She'd ditched the cape. She'd learned at some unspecified point within the last year or so that people were a lot more afraid of her when she stood confidently in street clothes than when she slipped through shadows in a deep cloak. It was warm and convenient, but when she really wanted The Image, her black overcoat was fitted to the waist, embelleshed subtly with black pearls (fifteen Dwarven smiths had died in search of the fiftieth... it would appear that Dwarves don't float well and, so, though they reached the pearls quite easily, they had lethal trouble getting back to the surface with them) and opals (from a few plundered hoards) and silver threading, and it took two handmaids to help her button it. It flaired impressively and billowed like only the cape of a truly evil supervillian can do. It would have looked vampiric on anybody else, but Alli's red lips, pale skin, and long black hair... well... okay, she admitted it. She looked completely vampiric. Really, that was the whole cool part of the image. People were terrified of vampires. They couldn't help it. Something to do with the prospect of everlasting life, probably. That glint in their dark eyes. Maybe the way 'w's always lost the second 'u' and ended up sounding like a 'v' instead. Whatever it was, when Alli wanted to impress, she dressed up like the living dead and made the whole corpse concept into a fashion statement.

"Aimè!" she suddenly hissed. He looked at her. He'd been looking very intently at a piece of brick that may or may not have whispered to him a moment before.


"I thought of a good place."


"Can't tell you... if any of my enemies are reading this... they'd learn..."

"Then how do we... um... narrate this?"

"Very carefully. Check this out: my idea is not to hide in a graveyard and pretend to anybody that comes along that I'm a ghost or zombie or something. My idea doesn't involved stage makeup. And it doesn't have anything to do with the idea that... um... I don't really know. But if we, wink wink, don't go hide out in a graveyard, I can finish this whole plan up with a fantastic rip off of scenes from so many different books and movies! I mean... The Phantom and Raoul in the graveyard... the jackal from The Omen... Just think of the impossibilities that could come from me, wink wink, not hiding out in a cemetary."

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