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Anakron had waited long enough. He threw up his hands, inadvertently knocking Hissyfit off his staff (which she had been climbing trying to get at Sylvester). Hissyfit .... hissed. And landed on all fours. And hissed again.

"Ack!" said Anakron eloquently. "She's dreaming up werewolf games in her head." He waved a dismissive hand at the catatonic (hee hee haa haa!) Skittles and stalked off in search of other prey.


He stopped and turned around. "Just for ignoring me or going meowy in the head, whichever it is, and I do not rule out duck-lycanthropy as a water-tight (certainly not airtight as their feathers let it in) possibility, KONVAY!"

From all around the wind began to hiss and fulminate in what sounded not at all vaguely like "Isssssmmmmmm!" Skittles was apparently the vortex of something nasty that was about to happen. What would it be? Elempi scratched his brains. Which was somewhat painful as he had to cut open the cranium lid and lift gently. Ewww. Mold. How did that get in there. (chuck) Ahem! What was it that had vortexified Skittles? Hmism. Hmmism. Hmmhmmhmmmmmmmm-ismmmmm! Could it be something from the vast leaf-mold of sources Tolkien used to create his consciously-cathartic-in-the-revision, massive tome that certain folk seemed to wish to devour at least annually (what in Mordor was wrong with them?)?

"Stop it," Skittles said. "You are getting quite out of hand. Most inappropriate. You have strayed way too far from anything dimly Tolkienian. And source-hunting no less! Tolkien must be rotating in his grave. You really must stop that."

"Oh no!" Anakron screamed. "What have I done!" He clutched his head in horror, having created perhaps the most egregious monster Mordor could possibly contain, the worst Anakronism the Dweomer could possibly produce. "Tolkien FanaticISM! Auuuuugghh!" Anakron fled in anguish.

"What?" Skittles said. "What's the problem?"

Hissyfit hissed.

Sylvester lisped.

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