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Alli skipped. In a billowing cloak and a lot of black, with heavy eyeliner and long black hair, the spymaster of the king, close personal friend of the monotheistic diety of the universe, and extremely drunken consort of a Hunter that may or may not have been faithful (or sober) in their time apart... skipped.

Aimè didn't skip: he was having a bit of trouble with his average walking ability. But he caught her when she tripped and she kissed him on the cheek and they sang songs about their adventure. Alli's voice, with a charming amount of slur, danced over words even as the cobblestones met her feet with alarming speed: each step seemed to come sooner than the last, resulting in a half stumble per each one or two second interval.

As we walk along (along)
We something something
And the wolves will come and eat us all!

And something talk around... something...
We'll fight them with swords!
And they won't eat us

And Aimè began to sing also, and their voices blended a bit like oil and vinegar, not clashingly, but certainly not all that well. And he sang:

We're going to the graveyard
To hide Alli from werewolves--

And she interrupted him with a hiccup and said "Aimè! Don't tell them where I'm hiding! They'll find me!"

And they disappeared for a moment into a dark alley and when they reemerged, Aimè had what may or may not have been lipstick smeared on his cheek, and Alli was giggling.

"I'll protect, you darling!" he cried, and she clung to his arm happily, with the thought that her death was imminent a mere afterthought of the situation, made rather amusing by the potency of her most recent liquid meal.

They reached the graveyard, and in all likelihood, the entirety of Mordor watched them go in through the front gate, and Alli perched on a headstone.

The weather turned mysteriously dark and creepy with a certain excellent sense of occasion. Lightening struck and Alli immediately sobered up, if not in actuality, than in thought.

"Oh dear... It is entirely possible that this will be my last night in this world."

Aimè put his arm around her and tried to draw his sword with a flourish. He dropped it. He mumbled something. In the distance, they heard a howl.

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