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If Manwe doesn't show, would you possibly be interested in getting Kuric somehow entangled in the children's subplot? It's the one that Tevildo did a post on today and I am planning to answer him with Tolman. this point, we actually have no idea what Tolman threw down on the table.

We were batting around some possiibilities by pm. Nothing is really decided yet. Haven't even had a chance to get Folwren's input but of course we are going to do that since she also has a child. Anyways, if you'd like to be involved in the planning or writing, just give the word to Tevildo or myself. It would be fun for us to come up with a little slice of life that's just a bit more "plot driven" than recent posts have been....nothing like a full fledged RPG, of course, which would be inappropriate for the Inn, but some kind of scrape the kids could get themselves involved in....

(And if anyone else would like to latch onto this, let us know.)
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