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I wonder about the poor mother. Actually, I know a number of wonderful families with 5-7 children, but I haven't ever met someone with 12!

Could I have the eleven year old?

NAME: Tolman....generally known as Tom

AGE: 11

RACE: Hobbit


APPEARANCE: A lanky sort of lad, which is unusual for a hobbit. He is relatively lean and tall with a mop of brown curls. He has bright blue eyes and usually goes about with his hands stuck in his pockets to sort through the various treasures that he has acquired during the day. His pants and shirt are stained and a bit too small, since his mum has trouble outfitting so many children at once.

PERSONALITY: He's quieter than most hobbit lads and a bit cowed by his older sibling who always insists on taking the lead. Tom has a bad habit of borrowing things from others without telling them what he's doing. He has no intention of keeping the item and always returns it to its owner. So far, he has managed to get away with this behavior without anyone finding out what he's doing. even his own siblings. How long this streak of luck will last, no one can really say....
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