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Re: Other Elessar reconstructions

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> jallanite said:
If it is to be accepted that Celebrimbor was in Gondolin when he made the first Elessar, it makes no difference how he came there. But I agree it is unlikely he found it on his own and more likely he was led. To speculate more would be fan fiction.<hr></blockquote>

I personally can't accept that!

I can nowhere find any reference (beside the one consernng the Elessar) that suggest that Celebrimbor had ever been to Gondolin - I think a person of his statue would have been remembered If he had been with the company of Tuor and Idril. I think the tale is much more beliveable and logical if he was a Grandson of Fanor that stayed in Nargothrond after his father was bannished. Fleeing to the Havens after the Sack of Nargothrond
The Alternative, I personally belive is quite unlikely: Celebrimbor fleeing from Nargothrond in FA 496 somehow getting to Gondolin, much the same time as Tuor and making the Elessar before the fall of Gondolin in FA 511. Then Escaping from the Fall without ever being mentioned in the tales of Turin or Tuor - whice both were quite extensive - Sorry, but I just don't bye it!

If you want Celebrombor to make the 1st Elessar I think you have to dismis him as a Grandson of Fanor!

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