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but they possessed the capacity to wield it - not necessarily for good.
Wielding it would be doing as they wished with it. Is The Ring taking over and doing its own will really 'wielding'?

No where in the quote you provided does it say that the Ring would have found it's way back to Sauron, that only he could wield it's power.
It doesn't have to find its way back to Sauron. It IS Sauron and would use whoever had it to do it/his will, aside from coming to him. However, if anyone were to hold the Ring and try to use it, it is obvious that Sauron would find them and take them. The quote says that only Gandalf would be able to defeat him in a such a confrontation.

No. You are arguing with MY image, as such - you are arguing with the master, quite silly indeed.
No, you're arguing about the description - the laws - of Tolkien's created world with Tolkien. I'm just quoting him and pointing out what he means without asserting my own presumptions.

I'll be done with this, though. It's going nowhere.

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