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Originally Posted by mark12_30
I was just thinking, if Bergil was rangering in South Ithilien (or South Gondor) and happened across a little girl out in the wild, what would he do?
I would think that he would try to get her out of the wild in as little amount a time as possible.

Since Eledhwen's family would be somewhere between Minas Tirith and Imloth Melui (Lossarnach area), on her way home, I'd place her, when introduced, less than a day's ride south and maybe a bit west of Minas Tirith. Maybe halfway between the upper parts of the Erui and Anduin.

If the men are following the road south, they might find her, or if Bergil, southern Ranger that he is, found her first, the men and Bergil might meet on the road, him taking the little girl to Minas Tirith/Anor, them riding yonder-in-that-direction-in-which-they're-going...

She could fall asleep and dream before they split back up, or one of the Elves could see a mark of fate (you know, fun stuff like that) on her? If this wandering group want to keep her around, would Bergil just leave her?

*thinking aloud*

I'll let other people think. I need to go write about Dostoyevsky now.
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