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Ahhhhh. Now I feel like I can relax a little bit. I think that if we all commit to posting once per week, we'll have a very good experience. Now, if only Helen will commit to this too.... Helen? The only person we have not heard from yet, within this week, is Orual. There's still time.

Okay, now that I've committed to once per week, I'd like to suggest that Jorje is going to make it to the mountains a couple days after he leaves Marigold. Firefoot, what do you say to Jorje happening upon Rugh? Would that be workable?

Tharonwe is ready to be posted for, but I need the ladies to follow, and in order to do that, one of the ladies' writers needs to post. I'm waiting .... er .... patiently....

Ędegard and Raefindan can respond to Aeron at any time, but not at all to Aeron's liking. Actually, if, Immy, you want to post for Aeron again pretty soon, you could add in replies from Ędegard and Raefindan, that they have sworn to stick with Mellondu.
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