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I agree to the change in general and like ArcusCalions simpler denotation. But is it right to use past tense for the verb ‘mean’ in this circumstances? I think it must be present since for everybody who knows the language ‘Glrofindel’ does still mean ‘Golden-tressed’, or not? So my suggestion would be:
GLOR-SL-02c{This name is in fact derived from the earliest work on the mythology: The Fall of Gondolin, composed in 1916-17, in which the Elvish language that ultimately became that of the type called Sindarin was in a primitive and unorganized form, and its relation with the High-elven type (itself very primitive) was still haphazard. It was intended to mean}Glorfindel means 'Golden-tressed', GLOR-SL-03{(4)} and was the name given to the heroic …
I am sorry to gainsay ArcusCalion in the matter of the in-universe nature of the project. It took some time but in the end the project members came to the conclusion that our texts do not intend to have in-universe equivalences. That means that the text does not try to represent anything written by an in-universe author. It tries to be the fullest ex-universe edition of the complete history being as far as possible in agreement with and complementary to the core cannon set by the 4 books about the legends of Eä published by JRR Tolkien (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and The Road goes ever on). As we found in many discussions that goal does counteract any attempt to create a text that claims any in-universe existence. The last example for such a discussion is found in the thread * *A New Project ~~~ Revising the Ainulindale* * (see especially the posting #83, #91 to #93, I linked to page 3 where these postings are).

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