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Originally Posted by the guy who be short
In response to Kath and Fea - All parents, from adolescence to an age we haven't quite reached yet, should go to Mordor. They can come back once our hormones make us like them again.
Thank you, I need a vacation!! School won't start for my children for another week!!
Originally Posted by SpM
Off to Mordor with offspring who don't fully understand the difficulties of being a parent, or that part of being a parent is a constant, never-ending and sometimes irrational worry over their children, or that when they seem to be spoiling your fun they usually only have your best interests at heart ...
Of course, they don't understand.
Originally Posted by Feanor
:And off to Mordor with adults who seem to think that moody teenagers are going to care one whit about the difficulties of being a parent. If they didn't want to worry endlessly, they shouldn't have had kids.
Then I curse/bless you, Feanor, with at least one of thine own issue (in good time) so that you can experience the indescribable feeling of loving someone so much, more than any other person including your own parents, that you would live for them, die for them, even perhaps kill for them but above all else make (what appears to) them miserable in the short-run so they can be happy and alive in the long-run.
Originally Posted by Kath
Since we're on the subject, I would like to send any adult that thinks any negative thought a teenager has is due to hormones and just being moody rather than considering even for a second that said teenager might have a reason for this negativity past that of their age.
Of course it's hormones! You forget, we were once teenagers, too!

I send to Mordor: S.O.L's Standard Of Learning tests, that pigeon-hole children's intellect and enslave teachers to teach "to the test" rather than important things.
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