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Hey, I can sympathize with the Parents - I know how difficult teenagers can be, having been so myself. And y'know what? Living with myself has given me a vision for later in life - I am going to be the worst parent any of you can dream of.

Looks like we'll have to have alternating weeks in Mordor. I can see the tour bus now ...

Originally Posted by The Tour Bus Driver
...and over there by that ugly skyscraper desecrating the already polluted skyline is a band of inconsiderate smokers munching black licorice everyone, and watch out for those lima bean patches...there's one now! *bam!* Oh, don't worry everyone, we just blew a tire running over a beer bottle. And look, there's the bum that threw it! Everyone, after him!
I'd like to send to Mordor those annoying guys who provide the voiceovers at the end of infomercials and commercials.

"This piece of crap is available for only ninteen easy payments of 19.95! Call now and receive TWO pieces of crap for the exorbitant price of one! Free shipping for an extra fee! CALL NOW!!!!"

Sore throats that appear for no reason should go.

Bags of candy that come to an end too soon should go and stay.

Tooth fillings that begin to peel off for no reason.

The ache that comes from flossing after a long hiatus should go.

Mouth-breathing gingivitus is a pain. Off you go, you bloody mess! *kick*
But all the while I sit and think of times there were before
I listen for returning feet and voices at the door

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