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White-Hand To put this bluntly

Originally Posted by Eomer of the Rohirrim View Post
and now I'd like to know if it will be going at all.
Indeed. I've already played in one RPG (NBRB) that died away and was never properly finished, and I'd hate to lose this RPG the same way.

I'm quite confused if I'm the co-mod of this game anymore or not since even though Glirdy has returned, Crystal has vanished. If I did have that kind of authority, I'd be tempted just to write one post that would take the adventurers to Arnor.

However I don't think that would be good: that would quite efficiently discourage character & relationship development, both of which are very important in RGPs, if you ask me. Secondly, I don't think I'd like to make that big a decision alone, nor to execute it alone. Thirdly, I'm afraid it would lead this RPG to a lame ending.

I so much wish that Valesse and Sixth and especially Glirdy turned up. There's only five of us left and if three are absent, it makes things quite impossible. RPGs need commitment.

I understand people have real lives too and that makes it sometimes difficult to actively take part in an RPG. That was what was with me this summer. Anyway, I think it would be fair to inform your fellow players of your RL hindrances, not just to pop up weeks later and apologise that you've been in a hurry. Just how long does it take to write a post and say you'll be in a big hurry for time x and won't be able to post? Two minutes?

To be honest, I'm wondering why pio is being this lenient with us - she surely needn't to be. To refer again to the NBRB RPG, it was finished when the participation radically slowed down. As pio is granting us this mercy and seemingly believes we're able to finish this RPG, let's not fail her trust, but reward it, and show that we can make it.

And to but this bluntly, I'm less and less interested in writing to this RPG because of this all-devouring inactivity. It's hardly motivating to write posts - long or short - when you don't know if someone replies at all, and if they reply, how long does it take - a week or a month?

Sorry for ranting. And sorry for pointing fingers at people even though I too was definitely very passive during the summer. I'm just annoyed, I'm afraid you just must bear with me...

Anyway, I suggest that everyone in this RPG posts just a few lines on this thread next time they check in and tell if they have some hindrances or time restrictions or not, so that we could form a clear picture how is able to post and who's not and when are people able to post.

Let me start. Since the summer holiday's over and I'm back home, I should have no long-time problems with participating. I might be in hurry for short periods (like from now to next Monday), but in general, I should be able to write quite actively. Is some longer period hurry/hindrance overcomes me, I'll let you know.

How about you guys?
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