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My friends, a real apology. My teenage mentality must mess around with me despite my determination to be level-headed and rational. Sure, I can 'get over' things, but it was downright selfish of me to not contact you. You have every reason to be resentful or angry towards me. I think I will write something more substantial on this matter in the afore-mentioned LiveJournal.

Real life issues aside; I think I personally have expended most of my possible creative brainpower upon this game. I'm not so sure anymore that chasing players - mainly the biggest slacker of all, ME - and demanding with differing numbers of exclamation marks for us to post is worth the effort. If some others still wish to continue, that's fine and I'll participate much more actively ... but ... is anyone else in the mind for a fresh start? I'm not sure there's much we can gain by continuing here.

That's just my opinion.
We all need a bit more love and a little less Miley Cyrus.

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