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Well, if I have your blessing then I'll give it a go. BW hasn't confirmed yet but if he has any objections then we'll know before the game starts.

Point noted about the Werewolf Hunter. It does add a dangerous element to all players who want to kill. And because it didn't really get going as such in the last game, we should probably give it another chance to make its mark on the 3rd game.

I am still slightly concerned about it slowing down the game; suppose the Hunter cannot choose a victim until a day after he/she is lynched, but I'm sure I could work around that. I just need a more imaginative death scene.

About the option to retract a vote, my thoughts are thus. I merely want to allow the possibility. I am by no means encouraging hasty votes and would, of course, encourage all players to think long and hard about their votes (obsess over the game like some of us do ) I know this will affect the length of the DAYS: they will last 24 hours whatever happens. But consider an example from the last game: Nimrodel_9 was lynched without being afforded the chance to defend herself. What absolute drama, had she confronted the baying mob and, with a silver tongue, persuaded the villagers to lynch someone else.

So hasty voting with the full intention of retracting the vote later will not be smiled upon, but I think the option adds more realism. It's just good etiquette not to chop and change your vote all the time.

I have been toying with the idea of introducing a new character (a witch) into the village but I haven't really worked out the details. I'll skip that for this game and if I ever come up with a good idea then I'll suggest it to the moderator of Werewolf 4.

As for role-playing, I don't have a problem with it. Everyone can pick a role much like in the last game (although you probably shouldn't be the same character!) and have some fun with it. Everyone should heed Barrow-wight's warning about role-playing getting out of hand. I thought the last game was just fine, just remember to put sleuthing before role-playing.

So Werewolf 3 will be very similar to Werewolf 2 (but maybe the villagers will win for a change!)

DAYS will last 24 hours. NIGHTS will last a maximum of 24 hours, and mabe less if all night-time activities are notified in less time.

I would like to start the game on Friday at 6PM GMT (that's 1PM EST, I believe). Remember you can always check the time I specify with the time of my post, and if I've made a mistake here then please let me know!

Until then, I would like everyone interested in playing to sign up on this thread. I'll post a list of those already signed up in a short while. And please give me your role in this Middle-earth village.

Los Ingobernables de Harlond

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