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Willem climbed down from the caravan and hurried over to Karl. A quick look assured him the man was alright. His gaze dipped down to fix on the young girl who hovered near Karl. She looked cold and pale, and a little frightened – her eyes large as they slid from him to his caravan and back again.

‘Oh, little darlin’,’ he said softly, crouching down to her level. ‘You look cold as the North Wind’s nose.’ ‘Here,’ he went on, swinging his thick wool cloak from his shoulders and wrapping it round hers. ‘This should warm you up a bit and keep the snow from creeping in.’ He pulled the generous hood up over her hair so that it shielded her face.

‘And what’s that you’ve got slung over your shoulder, Karl?’ Willem peered more closely at the limp bundle. ‘By the One!’ His eyes went wide as he took in the seeming lifeless body of the boy. A ghastly shade of pale and so limp, though Willem noted a flicker here and there beneath the lad’s bloodless eyelids. ‘Where do you wander, boy?’ he said, brushing Edwin’s hair back from his face. ‘Are you lost?’ He took Edwin from Karl’s shoulder. ‘We’re here, you know…..turn and come back….’

‘Let’s go into the wagon,’ he said, nodding his head toward the caravan. ‘I’ll light the lanterns; it’ll be a bit warmer. And we can lay this one on the bunk, under a stack of blankets.’
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