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Karl felt his relief fulfilled and nearly let Edwin slide from his shoulder. He knew this man! Willem was another sort of wanderer like himself, but a bit more professional about it. His brightly painted caravan made for an excellent home on the move. Karl only wandered very far in spurts, liking to have some kind of home to return to.

Duke sniffed furiously, happy to see a familiar friend as well.

“No, not hurt.” He looked to Jessamy, worried that she might have hurt herself when she tripped. Willem was off the cart and kindly tending to Jessamy before Karl could really think. “This is Jessamy.”

Karl followed Willem to the caravan. “I came across these two on the Downs. This boy, Edwin, I found like this. Was getting near to believing in the tales myself…”

“Stay, Duke,” he said, as Karl followed awkwardly up the steps into the caravan, ready to help Jessamy up if she needed it. But overall he felt rather useless now. He did his best to take up as little room as possible in the small space, and looked around, trying not to seem too nosy.

“What do you think we can do for Edwin, other than warm him up and see if he wakes?” Karl felt suddenly he should thank the man, but it seemed the wrong time now.
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