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When did Sauron returned to Dol Guldur in the books?

Originally Posted by Huinesoron View Post

Things are a bit more interesting if he was less of a grump back in the days of the Balchoth. The Greenwood wasn't darkened then (we saw very clearly that Sauron, the Nazgul, and the Spiders all arrived simultaneously right at the start of the movies, brutally traumatising poor Sebastian), so the Elvenking's domain (at least in his head) probably extended right to the southern eaves - right on the border with the lands the Balchoth emerged from to attack Calenardhon

But... did Thranduil even have reason to hate them? We know that in the books, the Balchoth attacked with Orcish reinforcements, doing so only 50 years after Sauron's return to Dol Guldur; it seems reasonable to suppose a connection. But in the movies, Dol Guldur was still abandoned at the time of the attack. Might the Balchoth not have allied with the Orcs?

In fact, might they have been at peace with Thranduil? Oh, yes, they invaded Rhovanion as the Wainriders, were driven back, then invaded again as the Balchoth (this is the Movieverse, ambiguity can go to Pot, they're clearly the same people) - but so what? Some Men squabbled with some other Men - what is that to the King of Greenwood the Great? As long as the wine keeps flowing from Dorwinion (down in what's definitely Balchoth territory), they can do what they like.hS
Did Sauron return to Dol Guldur in the beginning of the T.A? And the orcs that aided the Balcoth could come from Mordor or Gundabad?
I don't think it's plausible for Thranduil(movie)to have a secret deal or neutral with the easterlings. He definately would have sense that Sauron and dark forces were behind the sudden agressive invasion by men of Rhun, and knows the danger they bring to his Woodland Realm.
But anway, do you think after the Battle of Five Armies, Thranduil may be more willing to have more interaction with Rohan or Dol Amroth? Weren't the Swan Knights more friendly to the elves than Gondor?
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