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BD-03: Your addition from MT, Text VI is a great in it self. I always had in mind that we had such a passage that clearly identifies Melkor and Manwë with special thoughts of Eru. As we are told that Ainur were the of prings of Eru’s thoughts these is a perfect exemplification. But as you mentioned already we might better use it in the Valaquenta. What do you think of this placement and editing:
Last of all is set the name of Melkor, He who arises in Might. Vala-07.2 <MT, Text VI Melkor Vala-07.21{must be made}[was] far more powerfull in original nature Vala-07.22{ (cf. 'Finrod and Andreth')}. The greatest power under Eru Vala-07.23{(sc.} ; he was the greatest created power{)}.[Footnote to the text: Cf. Finrod's words in the Athrabeth{ (p. 322)}: 'there is no power conceivable greater than Melkor save Eru only'.] Vala-07.24{(}He was to make{ /}/,/ devise{ /}/,/ begin; Manwë (a little less great) was to improve, carry out, complete.{)} >But {that}the name Melkor he has forfeited; and the Noldor, who among the Elves suffered most from his malice, will not utter it, ...
BD-16: You did not leave it out, you included it here. But we agreed when editing Ainulidalë to use it at the end of that ‘chapter’. Thefore I think we have to execlude it here.

Posted by Aiwendil:
Not to sound too flippant, but as I wasn't involved in these discussions, I personally don't consider anything settled or concluded yet!
As you know well, Aiwendil, no topic in this project was ever fully closed. When ever new thoughts or ideas came up we discussed them, even in chapters that were considered finished. In this case the chapter is explicitly in the state of ‘work in progress’. So you are absolutely right, that nothing is settled or concluded yet.

I agree on your approach to look from a helicopter view on the structure to avoid probably unconscious pre-elections.

Posted by Aiwendil:
So, I'm going to try to find some time in the next few days to examine Findegil's draft in detail, compare it to mine, and hopefully come up with some insights into the structure of the chapter. I do think that we should not take that structure for granted, and I don't think we should be unwilling to consider other alternatives.
I fully agree to this. Take your time and come back with your input when you have made that comparision.

About the LT additions: I don’t think that your impression is fully correct:

BD-LT-01 / VT-EX-02: The placement and editing seems a bit different, but the contenet is the same.

BD-LT-02 and your next add about Melkor hearing the noise of their labor and BD-LT-03 are all included in what I called VT-EX-03.

VT-EX-04: This addition from LT you did not use.

Your addition from LT in §25 of AAm and BD-LT-04, BD-LT-05, BD-LT-06, BD-LT-07, BD-LT-08, BD-LT-09 and BD-LT-11, BD-LT-12 and BD-LT-13 are all included in the longe addition that I took that starts with VT-EX-05 and end at VT-EX-15.

BD-LT-10: This I missed probably. But I agree that it should be included. And like your editing with the fitting surrounding. But for the time being I will restrain from putting into my version as long as the question of the structure is not clear.

So you see that at least concerning the LT additions we are not that fare sundered.

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