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So I think we all agree to take AAm as basis text for the draft to come.

On the MT Questions

Okay for the “measurless regions” of Eä. That means we should use a part of MT opening section.

The Primeval Light and the Dome of Varda: I do not fully agree to your arguments, but I can see your reasoning and for the sack of safety I can go on without it.

BoT-24, BoT-25: I do not agree to this. Following MT Melkor is to mighty at this time to be overcome. But none the less he can fell into fear seeing the reaction of the Valar and take to flight back to Utumno, which he reaches before Tulkas can overtake him. And in Utumno he is safe since the Valar could not afford the craft needed to overcome Utumnos fortifications because they had to save what could be saved f their work.

Silpion: It seems we only can chose which fact we will create: either Lorien named the Tree not Silpion but Teleperion or the name given by Lorien did not become the normally used one. I tend to the second.

Gathering of the Lights: If you feel safer not using the names, that is okay for me. So our solution is to use the descriptions of the cauldrons but name them “wells” as it was in the latest version and take the two as the only wells?

BD-12: The argument that the Eldarin Yén form LotR is a different unit from the Valian Year referred to here does not hold any water for me. It is for me unbeleiveable, that he Eldar in Middle-earth (specially the Exiles) would use a longer entity for the measurement of time then the Valar in Valinor. If the relation would be the other way around (Eldar counting with 10 time of a Year of the Sun and the Valar with 144 times) I could agree to it. But why should the Eldar in Middle-earth use a longer period?
So I think safety rules! Let as skip the passages and be ambiguous about the time scale and remove all references to “Valian Years”.

Aiwendil wrote:
Sorry, I meant Ainulindalë D, not AAm. In any case, I think we are agreed on putting the descriptions of the Valar’s dwellings from LT here, correct?
Yes, but under the assumption that we were following the structure of AAm. What is now the reason for postponing the descriptions from the time in the story where they are build? The structure of Ainulindalë D we did not use. So why follow it here?

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