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The conversation died down as all three diplomats pondered the possibility of discrediting Malfoidacil. The relative quiet was broken by Bearugard, who said softly "Surely Mardil would not choose to send Malfoidacil if he had not the utmost confidence in the boy? This is a vital mission; he cannot afford to send the untrustworthy."

Angawen laughed to herself, though her face remained as blank as virgin snow. Hyarmenwë was here for his loyalty, she knew that. But she... Mardil knew she held no allegiance to the Kingdom or to him. But then, she supposed, he must also have known that while it was favourable, she would remain by his side. And he knew conditions would be favourable for a while yet. What better manner to command loyalty than to appeal to her self-preservation and promotion?

But this Bearugard, he was a mystery. She did not know him to be especially loyal, though she knew little about him. "Mardil is not omniscient," she replied aloud. "Still... I do not see the boy outsmarting him."

Hyarmanwë, meanwhile, was also stuck in thought. Send the untrustworthy rang through his head. Send the dinosaurs, the men of yesterday. It was entirely possible that the entire envoy had been to rid Mardil of undesirable elements. He was too archaic, Angawen too inituituve - not to mention a woman! Malfoidacil could have been sent for the very reason that they now doubted him - a suspicion that his loyalties lay without the Kingdom. Bearugard puzzled him as he puzzled Angawen. But Hyarmanwë, though he felt this information important, did not share it with the others. The thought of his being considered inadequate disquieted him, and he did not will to offend the others.

"Of course he couldn't!" Bearugard replied.

With that matter shoved aside (though persistantly nagging), Angawen allowed another thought that had been waiting to rise for a while now bubble up.

"Is it not injust that we are held here without the slightest indication concerning the current diplomatic predicament?" she began, and the other two swivelled round to face her, shaken out of their own thoughts. "We have been told nothing about the potential duration of our stay. We could be long term prisoners here. Prisoners in Mordor."

Hyarmanwë's mind leapt back to his disposal theory. Would Mardil care? "What could we possibly do about it, Lady? We are held here with guards posted at each end of the corridor. We must await Lady Alli."

"We cannot allow ourselves to be held infinitely. To do so would be to allow that woman to manipulate us most dreadfully."

"Come now!" said Bearugard, "you're just upset that she made a joke of you."

Angawen expertly ignored him and continued "Do what you may, I shall not stand this dishonour. This is not how ambassadors from a greater realm should be treated. In Gondor, we would have more respect."


Angawen approached the two guards at the end of the corridor followed closely by her own men, and further behind by the two Gondorians. This was what she lived for.

Upon approaching the guards, her immediate reaction was to recoil, and it was with utmost self-control that she overcame the desire. One of those guards was an ordinary, moustached, red-faced man holding a spear. The other was an orc.

What a land this was! Orc and man side by side! She barely kept her composure, retching inside. But she forced herself to take it in her stride. She had resolved herself in her room - no more emotion.

Carefully ignoring the orc, she addressed the man. "You! Guard! Send a message to Lady Alli! I wish to see her at once."
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