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Anakron was a guest of Lord Roggie. As such, he had rooms separate, and close to, those of the most important individuals present at the Mount Doom Casino and Resort. And there was the matter of easy, quiet, and relatively secret access to and from the place of meeting. Things had been arranged.

Anakron left his rooms and entered the hallway, just in time to see one red-dressed vampish ambassador enter the chamber where discussions would be held.

His own black cloak flowing behind him, his tall and wide brimmed hat securely placed, his eyes would be seen as mere slits. His staff upon which sat the most regal Siamese Cat, kept time with every other left step. He turned the corner and entered the room.

The vamp was exuding sex appeal from a table, the foot of her crossed leg pumping suggestively. A piece of work indeed. Anakron wondered how much work. He gave out an "ahem", which served to give a rather rakish man the chance to pick his jaw up off the floor and regain some semblance of composure, pulling his eyes away from the attention grabber in red.

"Anakron," he announced. "Grand Anakronist and all that. Here to observe. Carry on."

With that, he swept into the room and removed himself to a corner of the room, behind the vamp, which gave him full view of the other ambassadors. The others' looks of suspicion, confusion, curiosity, and forced condescension, quickly gave way to disregard. Anakron preferred it that way.

He hoped Panakeia would not be too upset over the cancellation of their most recent plans. It was beginning to get annoying. He wondered if it had been unwise to attach himself to a woman, no matter how charming and winsome; and interesting. But when they were together, time flew. He forgot that he was grand anakronist. He forgot about himself entirely, and it was Valinor to do so; or so he assumed, having never been there. Maybe I ought to convey Valinor to Mordor. No, likely some bit of Mordor would infest Valinor in return, and we musn't have that. As he watched the others, his mind wandered now and again to Panakeia, and it was most satisfying; almost as good as being with her in person.

He wondered how long it would be before the proceedings began, stifling a yawn.

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