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No sooner had Dracomir whipped out his strange, yellow plastic toy than Lola arrived and he dropped it. Skittles watched it curiously as it rolled and bounced across the floor, then watched with even more curiosity as Dracomir retrieved it and made it disappear. She didn't find anything odd in this, being both insane and from Mordor, but she did think it was awfully cool. As Dracomir deserted her for the voluptuous Lola, Skittles turned her attention to trying out the neat trick on a switchblade.

"Evanesco," she said, waving her fingers over the blade. Nothing happened, which made her angry, so she tossed the blade across the room. It sailed out the open door and lodged in the windpipe of an orc who had chosen that inopportune moment to happen by. He staggered to the side, gurgling black blood, and as he fell to the floor he dropped the crate of nitroglycerin lolly-pops he was carrying to Roggie's chambers for afternoon snack.


Everyone jumped as the Orc went up in flames just outside the meeting room. They peered out in horror at the blackened, charred remains smoking on the cracked marble floor. They shivered at the senseless loss of life, each thinking how it could have been them. Also, the wainscoting was absolutely ruined.

Anakron turned to scowl at Skittles, and she smiled guiltily.

"Evanesco," she squeaked, and ran out of the room.
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