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Anakron gave her a measuring look, homing in on her eyes. It was known in diplomatic circles that Lola was liked. That is, she had an uncanny ability to get what she wanted from whom she wanted it, when, and how. Anakron could see that she was fully skilled in at least one means of attaining her goals, at least in terms of the opposite sex. Such things had ceased to work on him long ago, however. Should he allow her to realize this, he mused? He decided that he would rather allow her to know that her escapades of allure were almost repulsive to him, but not in so many words. Thusly, he would afford himself the chance to see what other weaponry her arsenal contained. It could be most useful to know about that.

"Your insinuation, my lady, is beneath your dignity, one would hope," Anakron murmured casually. "Be that as it may," he continued, "I find your - ah - shall we say - epicurean approach to diplomatic preparation - energies misspent if aimed in my direction; however," he went on, "I find the - ah - view, as you put it, of your efforts as regards other personages - to be most educational. With all due respect, of course.

"Why do you ask, my lady?"
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