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Hi! Hope you don't mind us popping in unannounced Mith and I have a couple of characters that are very interested in joining you.


Name: Enpauriel in formal company, but Laicirith, or more usually Cir, when among friends.

Age: 47

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Weapons: Just the standard bow and quiver of arrows, and while she is skilled with them they are rarely used.

Appearance: Pale skin and long, dark hair which is usually left to hang unhindered down her back, but is tied back into a braid if playing music. Tall and slim with grey eyes as is usual for her kind. Wears boyish clothes, finding them more comfortable for the adventures she and her brother get up to.

Personality/strengths/weaknesses: A bit of a troublemaker, always on the look out for something exciting and new and is intensely curious, which can make for a bad combination along with her mischievous streak. Enjoys the company of others, but won’t suffer fools gladly. Has a tongue that has got her into trouble on more than one occasion, but is often used to excuse the same weakness in her brother. Can be bossy, and is especially fond of getting one up on Cir, continually reminding him of that fact that she is a few minutes older than him. Has a good sense of humour and is quickly moved to laughter. Has some skill with most musical instruments.

History: Born to Gilthalion and Enhiriel, Enpauriel is one of a set of twins, the other being her brother, Carantilion, and the two grew up in Rivendell. Their most recent bout of trouble making has led to their attachment to a group of palantiri pilgrims, on their way to Mithlond. The twin’s aunt Mithalwen, sister to Gilthalion, lives there, and they are to stay with her.
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