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Something to be addressed. . .

I had originally planned for there only to be six inn people, the Cook, two servers (Rowan and Tollers), Primrose, who is both the cook's helper and half a server, too, I guess, if she's needed, and Will to take care of outside jobs. However, I have noted a few times now in which some random 'server' is mentioned and made use of when neither Tollers or Rowan, and much less Primrose now with a broken leg, is around to be of service (that can't be happening often). If you all think it would be a good idea, we can go ahead and add a non-player character to the inn helpers and make her or him just a random character that anyone can use when they need to.

I don't know that that is necessary, though. If everyone does their job, there shouldn't more gaps than Dick can fill when his helpers are buse elsewhere. When I thought about what people I would need, I was keeping in mind the inn at Bree - The Prancing Pony. There, if you'll recall, Tolkien only mentions Butterbur and his two hobbit helpers. I don't think it's possible that there could have been only those three working there, because they would need someone, supposedly, in the kitchen, but I did take that into account.

So - do you think we should add a NPC to the inn to have grab whatever random orders fly out? You all can tell me if they think it should be a boy or girl (if you care), and I'll come up with the name, age, and whatever else as will be necessary, and then s/he'll be able to be used. My personal opinion is that we could handle it admireably with what characters we have, but everyone has to have the understanding that there are no other people working at the inn than Dick, Cela, Primrose, Tollers, Rowan, and Will. . .and occasionally Lilly, when she pops in.

-- Folwren

EDIT: Ah, by the way, thought I'd remind everyone - Signatures need to be removed from all posts in the Golden Perch. I know it's generally Pio who ups and says it, but I decided to this time, since I happened to be here before her.
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