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With piosenniel’s permission, I’ve taken the character she mentioned, Granny Greenhill (the honeymaker her Rhys and Tanni were going to see), and fleshed her out into a character who will come in now and again to visit The Golden Perch.


NAME: Penstemon Greenhill (Nana Penny to her grandchildren; Granny Greenhill to her neighbors; Penny, to her closest friends)

AGE: 92

RACE: Hobbit, mostly Harfoot with a smattering of Fallohide

GENDER: female

WEAPONS: None really. Has a yew wood walking stick she uses to get around and a pair of garden shears in her generous apron pocket with which she cuts flowers and herbs

APPEARANCE: 2’10” tall; light brown skin; bright brown eyes; pleasantly wrinkled face which more often than not is graced with a wide, generous smile. The thick brown curly hair of her younger years has now turned to a snowy mass. Partial to one piece, long-sleeved dresses in deep lavenders and cobalt blues; always wears a plain white pinafore apron with two large pockets on the skirt.

PERSONALITY: She is a happy person; rarely ruffled by circumstance. Sharp-witted; sharp eyed, there are few things that escape her notice. Very social, has a wide circle of acquaintances; loves parties, food, a half pint of dark ale now and then, and a pipeful of Southern Star when she relaxes.

HISTORY: Granny Greenhill was wed to Rowlie Greenhil; she has been a widow these many years. She has five grown sons, all living on little farms near her; and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Lives about five or six miles from Stock, southwest along the Stockbrook. Her family has always lived in the area. She lives on a small part of her oldest son’s land in a modest, one roomed house. She has a large garden with vegetables, flowers, and herbs. A number of her great-grandchildren come every day to help their Nana with the weeding, watering, and harvesting. She is a beekeeper and has seven hives. Her red clover honey and apple blossom honey are of some renown in her part of the Shire.

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