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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Dūrkoth knew before the two-legs arrived that his pack was now considerably out-numbered. And there was another dwarf, who also looked like he would put up a fight. What were two dwarves doing in Bree-land? The weaker two-legs had the advantage in numbers and in luck, it seemed.

Morfin went for one of the tall two-legs who did not hesitate in using a knife. The man had little skill, but the will and desperation to survive was enough power to deal Morfin a wound. Agarcarag went straight for the dwarf, and Dūrkoth cursed him as a fool. The tall two-leg Morfin battled was soon joined by another small one, but only after the small one’s bow had defeated Agarcarag.

Morfin howled in rage and lashed out more fiercely than ever at the man and hobbit. Dūrkoth had no need to redouble his efforts against his first prey. He soon had his jaws around the waist of one of the tall two-legs. This one looked young…unfortunately it was not the bright-haired one. Dūrkoth had all but finished the boy off when the dwarf charged him.

Morfin had broken away from his fight with the other man and hobbit – as if he thought he needed to save his chief, Dūrkoth thought bitterly as he caught his minion’s movement out of the corner of his eye – but he received an arrow in his haunches, and he yelped before turning and racing in blind anger back towards the hobbit.

The dwarf leapt onto Dūrkoth, and the large warg went down, his neck nearly crushed. He rolled himself away from the short two-leg, and pulled himself to his feet, though not quite as quickly as the dwarf. Dūrkoth snarled a laugh as the short two-leg made his short speech. He would show him the meaning of death? Dūrkoth knew all there was to know about death. There was nothing left but for him to experience it, and there would be no knowledge to be gained in that moment.

Dūrkoth allowed himself a quick side-glance to where the fallen dwarf lay. No, these two-legs would be the ones learning a great deal about death.

“You should not waste what precious breath you have left with such words, dwarf,” he growled. “You know the bright-haired two-leg traded your lives for his own. Too bad that one messed things up a bit,” he snarled as he gestured with his muzzle in the direction Kuric lay. Dūrkoth let out a howling laugh.


Parkun was soon left alone just paces outside the clearing. All the others had charged in with little hesitation behind the dwarf. He was fascinated for several moments by the sounds that emerged from the clearing and seemed to surround him. How many had he brought to their death, after all?

Hopefully five wargs at least, Kun thought as he broke into a run, crashing through the trees in a direction opposite the clearing. He would run until he could hear no more sounds.

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