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It was over before Erling had even had time to realise what was happening around him. He looked puzzled at the Warg that lay dead at his feet. He thought he heard himself give a shout of triumph, but he was as yet much too bewildered and tired to understand its meaning much.

He looked around him. Gradually, the realisation that they had won was making its way in his mind. They had won. There would be no more troubles from now on, the Breelanders could sleep peacefully at night once more. They could once more pick up their former, carefree life. Or, at least, those who had not seen the battle could, for Erling very much doubted he would have the strength to be carefree again. Perhaps later on, much later on.

And it had not been without sacrifices, Erling thought ruefully. He remembered Grimbeorn dead near Edin Cengal's farm, and now Kuric, and...But suddenly, he realised something was wrong. They were too few. Not all of them were there.

"What happened to Kun?" he asked. "Where is he?"
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