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Aiwendil has been trapped in the Barrow!

A few notes:

Section 15: Here the reading of D is "Halls of Aman", which was not corrected to "Ea" with the general change Aman>Ea. Christopher notes that this "was obviously an oversight". It should be corrected to "Halls of Ea".

Section 16: Christopher notes that an emendation here in C>D results in a somewhat strange shift of tense. "the . . . delight of Aule was in the deed of making . . . wherefore he gives and hoards not, and is free from care . . ."

We might emend the present tense to the past, or we might let it stand.

Section 17: Christopher notes the omission of "Behold the towers and mansions of ice!" and says that it may have been inadvertant. We must decide whether to add this back in or not.

It also remains for us to decide how to deal with each of the references to Rumil, Pengolod, and Aelfwine.
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