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I disagree with this idea.

Valaquenta is a tale wrote by Rumil; there is no indication that there is insert of pengolod in this text.

For Ainulindale it s different, some inserts of Pengolod are present.
First in our introduction, it s write that:
To it are added the further words that Pengološ the Sage wrote concerning the Valar, the Eldar and the Atani
And second in Morgoth Ring there is an indication that Tolkien used this type of insert
§ 19 After 'when the vision was taken away' there is a footnote that seems to have been an early addition:
And some have said that the Vision ceased ere the fulfilment of the Dominion of Men and the fading of the Firstborn; wherefore, though the Music is over all, the Valar have not seen as with sight the Later Ages or the ending of the World. Quoth Pengološ.
Anyway for sur we can't put off this beautiful insert. But this add of Pengolod, that looks for me like a "sade remembrance", a spleen of Valinor, looks better like an insert in this text.

But it s my vision , but a vote is possible.

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