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Re: where did bombadil came from

Actually you're remembering words of Treebeard, not Bombadil. Just as a side note, this proves that Bombadil has to be older than Treebeard.

I think that Bombadil was an enigmatic embodiment of Arda itself, quite much like Ungoliant was an embodiment of the Void. Remember, Bombadil remembers &quot;the starry sky when it was free of fear, before the Dark Lord came from Outside&quot; (I'm quoting from memory of a translation, the words aren't exactly these). I believe that this refers to Melkor's first entrance to Arda, but it can be interpreted in other ways as well (or perhaps Tom was telling a big fat lie to the Hobbits <img src=smile.gif ALT=""> ).

Either that, or he's the Witch King.
Or Mad Bilbo.


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