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Groin, I finally having time to answer your inquiries about your characters' relationship with my character, Kenan.

Folwren- Your character Kenan is pretty much in line to Tror's way of thinking. Although he is younger than your character I think that Kenan and him are pretty much alike. Unfortunately I don't know where to go with it, should there be a quiet fatherly friendship between the two?
Well, there are two options. Either we can go ahead with what you just suggested, a quiet fatherly friendship between the which case Kenan would view Tror as somewhat...foolish maybe? to loose his temper a lot - of course, failing to see that is how he is himself. Probably at this point in time (with Kenan being 210 and Tror 140), Kenan does not give advice like a father would a son.

A more likely scenerio would be for the two dwarve's characters to clash - for the two of them to not even like the sight of one another. This could be easily explained - they had a quarrel over something and neither can get over it. This could provide some interesting writing fodder for us, if the game ever gets boring.

So, you decide what you want with these two characters and how they relate to each other. I am not necessarily looking for enemies at this point, I am honestly thinking that Kenan will have no difficulty in making other people mad at him.

Do you think that Nali and Kenan might get along? Being around the same age I thought that they might know eath other, those oldtimers kind of stick with each other.
Yes, I think that this is a likely do. The opposites in character types will help in any friendship we wish to create.


So! When do we start?

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