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Angelimar narrowed his eyes in surprise at Mistress Fea's last piece of help. "A fellow from Bree? That village in the north? Well, such a man would be an interesting curiosity, at any rate...thank you, Fea, and may we meet some day when I am in...better health...and you less beset by industry..."

But it was towards Charl's stall that the young man now hurried, too busy even to take in that old chunk of walking wounded, and his pair of small familiars. Once he had reached his objective, he fell in to easy conversation with this butcher, who had that most reassuring attribute of resembling his products in his appearance. He bought several rashers of good bacon.

Nor, apparently, were Angelimar's desire for mustard, or his inquisitiveness, strong enough feelings to detain him into waiting for the Breelander, when pitted against his hunger and his frenetic way of life; the moment he had both bread and meat, he scarpered from the Lamedon Square Market, less conspicuously, but much more quickly than he had come to it.
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