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This day of court was turning out to be more interesting than Thornden had anticipated. Everyone had known the outcome of certain questions – as the parentless child and the childless couple that were joined – and other small, predictable troubles of the Hall, but Nydfara’s confession was surprising.

Thornden watched him with mild interest as he first stood before the eorl. His eyes became a little steely, perhaps, when Nydfara told his story and revealed his true name and identity. He couldn’t help feeling Scyld had played upon all of them – had taken advantage of their good will and trust.

He glanced quickly at Eodwine. It was clear Eodwine had heard Scyld’s story already, and was having the man repeat it for the sake of the men there. He had already made his decision. When Eodwine asked if any wished to speak, Thornden held his tongue. He would give the man a chance, if Eodwine deemed him worthy.

He paid little heed to the next case as he recalled to mind the entire incident involving the Lady Linduial. He did not remember Scyld from that time.

He lifted his head again when the next number was called and Léof stepped forward with a strange young lady. He listened with interest and watched her keenly as Léof and Eodwine spoke. As Léof finished, Thornden smiled, amused at the girl’s apparent strong will. She was truly a girl of spirit of she left home without permission from her father and without his knowledge. He looked forward to knowing her better.
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