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Pervinca Took
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1. Me, subjectively, plus him ... for him .... (Well, in a roundabout sort of way).
2. The prairies!
3. Itís Undomielís monument, with a slight modification.
4. Tear demon, causing dental loss, left all around the refuge.
5. Retreat a step too far, to place of near-immolation? Itís just a number.
EGG: Answer this hider of gold.
SMAUG: Such a self-satisfied villain. Barely perturbed!

'A box without hinges, key or lid
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.'
"Sit by the firelight's glow; tell us an old tale we know. Tell of adventures strange and rare; never to change, ever to share! Stories we tell will cast their spell, now and for always."
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